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Paying your taxes is a legal obligation as much as it is a financial concern. There are specific laws that you should observe as you file your tax return and pay for your tax bill. At the same time, you should efficiently manage your finances so you wonโ€™t fall behind your tax payments while still having enough for your other expenses.

Ross Tax Resolution criminal tax segment block 300x199However, Defense Tax Partners knows that there may be circumstances that could prevent you from fulfilling your tax responsibilities, resulting in conflicts with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Fortunately, our Ross tax resolution experts are always ready to help.

With our thorough understanding of federal and state tax laws, as well as our experience in personally dealing with the IRS and the Ross Comptroller office, we can guide you on taking the best legal step towards a favorable tax settlement.

From helping you satisfy your tax liabilities to clearing your name from any tax fraud allegation, we guarantee to offer a world-class legal service that can resolve any of your tax issues as efficiently and least stressful as possible.

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Resolving Tax Debt

Being indebted to the IRS or the state is never an ideal situation. There will be interests and penalties to pay on top of the original amount that you owe. And if you fail to pay off your tax debts after a long time, these penalties will only grow, and the IRS will be more aggressive in their collection methods.

If you donโ€™t want to see the IRS take your property away, enter into an agreement and allow our Ross tax resolution expert to help you negotiate for manageable terms. We will help you identify the best tax debt relief option for your situation and supervise your application to maximize your chances for approval.

Included in the tax debt relief options that the IRS offers are:

  1. Installment Agreement
  2. Currently Not Collectible Status
  3. Offer in Compromise Program
  4. Filing for Bankruptcy
  5. Innocent Spouse Relief
  6. Penalty Abatement

If itโ€™s already more than ten years after your tax liabilities have been assessed by the IRS, we can also establish that the statute of limitations on the collection of your debts has already passed and you are no longer obliged to pay them.

Establishing IRS Audit Defense

In order to make sure that they are getting what theyโ€™re due, the IRS regularly conducts tax audits on both individual and business taxpayers. However, not everyone will be audited by the IRS. If you do get a notice for a tax audit, it is because their system found some discrepancies in your account that theyโ€™d like to examine further.

Ross Tax Resolution irs lawyer segment block 300x199These tax audit triggers include the following:

  1. Clerical errors
  2. Unreported income
  3. Disproportionate or unusually high deductions (e.g., charitable donations, business expenses, home office deductions)
  4. Reporting non-existing dependents
  5. Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC)
  6. Self-employment with excessive reported losses

Our tax resolution expert can help you prepare all your financial records and important documents required by the IRS. We will also examine them beforehand so weโ€™ll have a clear idea of what the IRS will find and get you ready for all the possible outcomes.

If any error is found, we will help prove that it was unintentional and negotiate for the minimum possible penalty.

Creating a Strong Tax Fraud Defense

If you are being accused and investigated for tax fraud, an expert defense attorney can make all the difference between paying the minimum penalty and suffering time in jail. At Defense Tax Partners, our tax fraud defense attorneys are well-versed about all the possible defenses that can be used to prove your lack of fraudulent activities.

Included in the most commonly used defenses against tax fraud are:

  1. Insufficient evidence
  2. Unintentional mistake
  3. Entrapment
  4. Statute of limitations

We can also tailor the specific defense strategy that weโ€™ll use based on the existing facts in your case. We will evaluate the nature and scope of the accusations against you, the gravity of your alleged violation, any evidence that the IRS holds against you, and any proof that we have for your innocence.

Rest assured, we will protect your rights as a taxpayer and make the entire investigation and prosecution process the least stressful that it can be for you.

Reliable and Trusted Tax Law Firm

Tax management doesnโ€™t come easy to everyone. A lot of taxpayers are having trouble with the IRS due to unprecedented events that can influence their ability to abide by the tax laws and pay their overall tax liabilities. This is why Defense Tax Partners is dedicated to offering top-notch Ross tax resolution services.

Tax AttorneysOur tax experts aim to help every taxpayer resolve any issue they encounter as they try to fulfill their tax responsibilities. From preparing all the necessary paperwork to meeting with IRS agents on your behalf, our legal service will be personalized to match your current needs.

Aside from the topics discussed above, we can also legally assist you with the following areas of concern:

  1. Tax relief
  2. Tax return preparation
  3. Tax lien removal
  4. Bank levy removal
  5. Wage garnishment removal
  6. Passport reinstatement

Do you want to know more about how we can assist you? Talk to our tax resolution experts today, and we can give you a comprehensive guideline on how we can improve your situation!

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Ross Tax Resolution defense tax partners logo 300x65For any tax conflict, working with an expert tax lawyer as soon as possible is the best course of action. The more time you have to prepare, the better your chances are at achieving a favorable tax settlement.

Whether you need help in paying off your tax debts or you simply want us to help you in filing your tax returns to avoid any trouble, our team is ready to make your tax responsibilities easier to carry.

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